Tuesday, September 28, 2010

roots eyes

There are roots in my eyes / trying to grow deceit / but I won't let it win / cause I know that's to keep / me from free reach / so I'll lynch your hate / to keep my pace / place serenity over race / I'm willing to stand my ground / and sprout for the sun / reach for the stars / where peace ain't so far

Monday, September 20, 2010

Hmmm. . .

I love to see her happy

But I hate for it to be because of somebody else

And I’ve never had her be mine

Like valentines

I wonder if she wonders when I’ll wander into her wonders and have her wander into what wonders my universe holds

Monday, August 16, 2010

Heavenly Father

Oh heavenly father, please do us part to mark the days of a cold haze. Replace the chase and make haste the grace. Engrave the praise that must be placed unto you.

I seek to the treat / of a feat to keep feet

Alive, strive for a life / where strife never arises

I demise the plan / to destruction of nature

An obstruction on paper / is just as worse

As a curse put on voices / so they’ll be voiceless

The choices must be open / to those who be coping

Stroking the hands of time / so they’ll be provoking

Good fortune, that’s an orchard / food for thought

Bought for sell, but a cell / is just a box to block

The sights of a better future / so suit ya self

Gain the wealth within / to find health without

Heavenly father / be my martyr / I will follow / your shadow / fill hollow hearts / solve in parts / so they’ll be in peace / relearn to love again / and live forever

The mind to define / a line of signs /

to align with a divine / shine but remind /

yourself about the wealth / that makes and creates

to affirm success / the best of the specs

respect the wrecks / and let the rest chess

checker your beats / so each move is to keep

you from losing / choosing or using

the moving as cruising / don’t be abusing

your power to complex / on the universe

follow the course / and of course say your verse

it’ll go heard / cause happiness is the word

Heavenly father / be my martyr / I will follow / your shadow / fill hollow hearts / solve in parts / so they’ll be in peace / as they learn to love again / and live forever

Times get hard, its apart / of life, we all know that /

but there’s a fact that the pact / between you and god /

Is no façade / but such an act of gratitude/

A magnitude of blessings / are ever resting /

On your face / if you replace the hate

And elevate a smile / in its rightful place

Make haste on casting / a role on other people

Cause there’s no show / just tell your piece

And please believe / it just better be received

Well, if you’ve not done well / hell might be waiting

But that’s inside / no need to abide

With beauty if you won’t admire what is free

Thursday, July 29, 2010

If you won't, I will cry your tears for you.

I will carry your burdens and load them into the river.

You don't have to hurt anymore, I will take your hurt.

All the pain will be mine.

Not out of sympathy but out of love.

Isn't that the ultimate love?

To bear the burden of another and/or others so that they don't have to?

Transfer your fears and all your worries..

I have a better place for them..

Your pain my pain.

Your tears, all mine.

I will carry you.

I love you.

Whether you'd return the favor is irrelevant.


Because I love you.


You deserve the chance..

To live and do it fully.

Your life saved is my living.

So let me bear all of your burdens.

Hurt no more.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Dream (Part 1)

“Let freedom ring,

Let freedom ring”

From the bottom of my lungs I wish I could scream

“Let freedom ring,

Let freedom ring”

But I can’t even be heard from the bass that rocks the asses of the masses

What happened to our Casius?

This atlas has no more freedom fighters

No more freedom righters

No more freedom writers

No more freedom wrighters

So everyone is LEFT with UNSPOKEN WORDS that have BROKEN WINGS

And they never get a chance to fly

Or feel the breeze on their faces

Because hell is on their backs

So everyone is out here on the attack

Thinking since it’s a recession that they’ll be progressing if they steal the jewels of homes they’ve never felt

Where’s justice then?

“Let freedom ring,

Let freedom ring”

Do you remember his dream? Or maybe her reality? Or even, our life?

We wait for occurrences to procure instances of instant access to safety

Thinking, lately it’s not as safe as it used to be when I was younger

But don’t you remember there are kids out here too

What about those who know dreaming is just not going to happen so they live in their nightmares?

Waiting for the monsters to break into their homes and deport them to

“Let freedom ring,

Let freedom ring”

We forget that there’s war in our cities

It’s a pity that I have to judge such a person that is human

Like mirrors don’t even work anymore

We’re shattered with broken homes, lost grades, an American Dream

Moms strung to some strong lungs belonging to a loss of longing

Pot popped into pops tops cause of lax influx of taxes

It’s the attacks on our own people that equal no regal doms

Kingdoms trying to stay alive because their profile is young, black, Hispanic, male, that has yet to learn his greatness, his peace, his manhood

Queendoms trying to be reborn with a newborn thinking it will in turn make them that much younger that life has yet to be lived

We all wait for a day when we won’t hear sirens dancing instead of our gratitude

We wait for a day when we won’t hear bullets whispering instead be mute for togetherness

We wait for a day when justice just is what it is when it is justified

We wait until we,

“Let freedom ring,

Let freedom ring”

But maybe we need a wake up call to dial into our responsibilities and take action

Maybe, we need deaths to brings us back to life in order to

“Let freedom ring,

Let freedom ring”

Tuesday, July 20, 2010



Mis people are misunderstood

Mis people are misunderstood

My jente are malentendido

How can you stand there, I mean, sit there and tell me

That if I look like an alien then I’m not human

What makes you more of an American?

Except that you already live HERE

Land of the free, but we’re willing to pay taxes too

And work minimum wage not because of stereotypes

But, because, have you ever lived THERE

It’s a place called Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Haiti, Ghana

And now, there’s also, U.SA

See, mi Tia calls it U.SA

It makes me wonder how you sir can judge me

By my brown tone of the roots that bore me

The hair that is too strait to get braids

The hard working qualities that are required to stay alive in a place where most people live off of a $1 a day

The four last first names, all from my ancestors

The freedom of speech, libertad de palabra

Tengo poder en este Mundo

I have power in this world, right?

Since our president is Negro

And we’re always talking about colors but at least they all got along in boxes

Now we’re all in boxes, unless we unite

Become encircled in Enchiladas, Tamales, Pollo Frito, muy rico

But the rich never tasted something so delightful

Unless they count their money

It’s funny; a dollar here is 18 lempiras

And I’m still much wealthier when I’m living for my family

I at least have a home and a community that consists of an aunty here, aunty there, tio aquí, tio allá, nieto por aquí, another cousin from a friend, and then most importantly,

My mother and father who taught me to speak up

Especially when languages no oyen don’t hear the screams of help

Ayudame, por favor, y yo te ayudo,

Unless you think of my hand out as a slap in the face

To someone who doesn’t have to struggle with being new to these parts of town

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Lil Sunshine To My Cloudy Night

A Lil Sunshine To My Cloudy Night

Yes, I do get my days when rays of sunshine sometimes stay hidden
So it seems forbidden, but I try to play hide and seek
Hoping it peaks through the clouds and shouts my name

"Gooooooood Moooorning Loooooooove"

And I love my good mornings because I'm never mourning
Just yawning and breathing in the freshness
And it's lessons that adds stress in the blessings
I'm resting, just expressing that at nights when the stars shine
And still I can't find lights in my cloudy nights
I just need something to make me smile

I'm living in a world where swords are everywhere
And I can never compare happiness because it happens less and less
Sometimes I just feel depressed

And I want a recess from this test that reflects on my strength
Because there times when I'm just weak and vulnerable
Unable to fight against the wind because it blows my defenses down
So we go for another round and I'm on the ground
Reminiscing about the times back when . . .

So, I remember my past like the clouds just cast a shadow
And my thoughts just scatter
But what matters the most is that I'm ALIVE
Because I go back to the attacks and the burdens as tracks
What I used to lack I now have and it's the little things that mean the most
Like a close friend who asked for words, and I was not most aware of what I could do
So I use my tools to write the wrongs because

"I'm just dwn and really needed 1 of ur poems 2 cheer me up"

So I decided to send poems thinking I own them
But as I write this I realize the kisses I lay on peoples hopes and dreams
Because they cope and seem to live a little more with my words

But what they don't know is that I appreciate them
Alleviate when I get the courage to erase the pens they're held in
So I'm giving my best to the rest of the world
As they are my fans who cool me down when I'm redder than peppers
And I'll remember when I'm as gray as the clouds
That I'm living for those who never knew
Never knew that you bring me sunshine, even if it's just a little
It's enough to make me smile